Register for Auditions

Pre-Registation is now open for Nutcracker 2019 Auditions.

To be eligible for the pre-registration fee of $25, participants must be registered by:

Pointe Work Audition & Boy-Specific Auditions

DEADLINE: Friday, September 6th - 11:59 p.m.

Open Dance Auditions (Boys & Girls)

DEADLINE: Saturday, September 7th - 11:59 p.m.

Dancers are still eligible for auditions after this point, but will need to register 30 minutes prior to their audition time. The day-of registration fee is $35.



  • Contact #1 and #2 information should be the parent(s).

  • Add the first student. Enroll them in their audition ‘class.’

  • You can add as many students as needed to your family.

  • Click on the underlined title of the audition you wish to attend (for most, it will auto select the appropriate one).

    • For older dancers, you will need to select the Pointe Work Audition, Advanced Boys' Audition or the appropriate age group of Open Auditions


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